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Alaska Wilderness Rafting Trips

The Adventures

My six day float trip with Jon Streeter has to be one of my all time favorite fishing experiences. Jon’s trips combine great scenery, wild water, good camping and food with the most beautiful leopard rainbows in the world. 
                                                                                                    -Brian O'Keefe

Thank you for your interest in our guided Alaskan float trip adventures.  This page will give you some general information about our float trips, but if you have specific questions or want to talk to us, please fill out our contact form, or give us a call at 406-209-0962. 

Have you dreamed of an authentic wilderness experience that would allow you to immerse yourself in the wilds of Alaska on your own terms?  If so, this is the adventure for you.  We strive to provide customized rafting adventures on some of southwest Alaska's finest fish filled rivers.  Our decades of combined experience in this area allow us to put you on the right river at the right time of year where you can experience your fly fishing adventure of a lifetime.

Our trips originate from the village of Iliamna, which is reached by an approximately hour long flight from Anchorage.  This area of southwest Alaska is roadless and wild, meaning we will pick you up in Iliamna and load you onto a float plane, which will transport you to one of the large lakes where our float adventures begin.  We will welcome you and set up our equipment and try to get you fishing right away.  Granted, this area's weather moods are unpredictable and there are many variables that are out of our control.  That is why this sort of adventure is not for everyone.  We might find ourselves setting up gear after getting dropped off at Nonvianuk Lake in 70 degree weather, only to have 35 mph winds whip up and rain begin to come down in sheets, conditions that could last several days.  Once we are out there, we are a team and we need team members who will maintain their adventurous spirits no matter what wild Alaska throws at us.  Of course, there are those times when the long rays of sunset shine on the perfect stretch of water that you are wading at 11:00 PM, and the lush green tundra is aglow all around you, and the chrome-sided rainbow that you have been stalking all week  suddenly explodes on your skated lemming pattern and explodes skyward, silhouetted in the midnight sun.  If these are the moments you live for, please consider discovering the true Alaska with us.

Our float trips range from 4-7 days and we can accommodate 2-8 adventurers.  We provide all of the rafting and camping gear, plus food and safety equipment.  We have a list of recommended items that we would like you to bring in the trip information section.  Please take a close look at this list and ask any questions that you may have.  We have water and gravity working for us, so we are able to enjoy some items that you wouldn't have along on your typical backpacking trip, but I advise participants to pack like they are going backpacking, using a similar clothing layering system and lightweight personal items.  We strive to set up a comfortable camp so we can enjoy our down time and relax in the beautiful wilderness locales we pass through, but if there are items that you don't see on the gear list that you would like to have, just ask, and we will try to provide them.  As always, advanced planning is key.  The most fun and successful trips are those in which we have had lots of communication and everyone in the group has done a lot of research, so that all loose ends have been tied by the time you arrive in Iliamna.   

The Rivers

We float a number of rivers in southwest Alaska within an hours flight from Iliamna.  We will listen to your expectations and experience level and select a float and time of season that is right for your group.  The river options are as follows and offer a variety of adventures, one of which is right for you.  We float the American River, the Alagnak River, Moraine Creek, the Koktuli River, the Mulchatna River, and the Chilikadrotna River.  If you have already done some research on your Alaskan float adventure, you have probably come across some or all of these names.  If so, let us know what interests you and we will design a trip to meet and exceed your expectations.  Our experienced guides have decades of river running and guiding experience and we know how to make your adventure a memorable one.

The Fishing

Yes, this is the reason that we go to such lengths planning and preparing these elaborate adventures.  The fish of southwest Alaska are a world class resource that any serious fisherman should experience in his or her angling lifetime.  They are strong native, wild fish that grow to immense proportions because of their high protein diets based around the salmon runs of Bristol Bay.  These are not finicky midge sipping tail water trout!

In June and July, before the salmon have begun to dig their redds and drop those precious eggs in the pristine gravel, the trout are true opportunists, so there are a myriad of techniques that will take these chrome beauties.  Big dries, such as stimulators, caddis and wulff patterns will get their attention on top, along with skated mouse and lemming patterns that imitate the real thing, a clumsy rodent that has fallen off the bank and is swimming for his life.  Streamers and string leech patterns of all colors will illicit arm jarring strikes in current seams and eddies.  Nymphs, dead drifted and swung at the end of the drift, will take nice fish in many different types of water and imitations of the stage of salmon development in the spring, the emerging fry and migrating smolt, will take fish consistently along the edges of streams and at the outlets of the big lakes where our floats originate. 

Once the salmon start their spawning dance at the end of July and lasting into September, these opportunistic trout become living vacuum cleaners, sucking down hundreds of eggs a day.  This is true dead drift nymphing and the better drift you can get, the more fish you will hook.  Some argue that the egg game as it has evolved is not true fly fishing and is too effective.  Fly fishing morality aside, year after year the biggest numbers and size of trout are taken and released in a fair and healthy manner on little plastic beads that look like sockeye salmon eggs.   As these spawning salmon die, their carcasses nourish the entire ecosystem, feeding plants and animals with the plentiful biomass accumulated while at sea.  This starts the next phase of trout feeding on salmon and the flesh fly becomes very effective.  September also affords more opportunities for streamer and leech fishing, as the trout and char begin to get ready for the long winter ahead.

Whatever time of year, we can put you on the fish and show you some incredible territory in the process.  Drop us a line on our contact page and let us know if you are interested in joining us on one of these great adventures.

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