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Chile on the Fly

Chilean Patagonia

Yes, it is a long way to go for trout, but a trip to Chile isn't just a fishing trip, it is an adventure into another A view of Ardillas Lodgeculture and what seems like another time.  And the fishing is incredible!  Hemispheres is affiliated with Ardillas Lodge in the Ibanez Valley of Chilean Patagonia, a beautiful setting from which to base our adventures around the XI region of Chile.  There is magnificent lake fishing right outside the door of the lodge and too much water to cover in ten trips within an hours drive.  We can also add some great adventures by traveling to the south along the Carretera Austral for several hours to reach the Rio Baker, Chile's version of the Kenai River, that flows big and blue from Lago Bertrand to the Pacific Ocean.  The Rio Cochrane joins the Rio Baker to the south and is another of the region's finest trout rivers and shouldn't be missed if you've come all this way.  We can custom design a trip to include all these great waters and more.  All you need to supply is a healthy appetite for adventure and a desire to chase wild trout in a remote part of the world that time has left behind a little. 

The Fishing

No matter what your preferred method of fly fishing is, Chile has the fish and the season for you.  November and December, springtime down south, offers chances to swing streamers and drift big nymphs and egg patterns to the large migratory rainbows that spend most of their time in the big lakes of the region, then travel into the tributaries to spawn and stay to feed and regain their strength for the summer ahead.  Browns are also aggressively feeding at this time after ice out on the lakes and increased flow in the rivers.  It might be the best time of year to land a big rainbow at the outflow of Lago Bertrand.

January through March is summertime, bringing prolific hatches of caddis, mayflys, and stone flies to the rivers and lakes.  These South American trout don't see the pressure of their North American counterparts, and are therefore more opportunistic, meaning a big box of large foam dries and stimulators will usually do the trick on most rivers and lakes.  Lake fishing heats up and a sinking line and streamers always gives you a good chance at a lunker in these beautiful gin clear stillwaters, but watch out for flying ants landing on the surface.  These bugs create feeding frenzies and the trout can't help but gorge themselves on this trout candy!  And don't leave without trying a night mousing adventure, where a foam or deer hair rodent swimming frantically on the surface of the areas lakes can cause quite a commotion with the resident night stalking browns. 

Fall, late March into May, is again a prime time for fishing the tributaries of lakes and even the bays where browns stage before migrating to their spawning grounds.  The landscape is incredible as the lenga trees turn red and the mountains begin to whiten at their peaks.  Lake fishing is a blast as the big fish that have had a full summer to fatten up are very aggressive as they prepare for a long winter ahead.  The rivers continue to host big hatches through April and big trout come to dries on clear, warm fall days.  We can talk about it all day, but the best way to know is to experience it for yourself, so if the winter doldrums have got you down and you are tired of throwing size 22 disco midges, contact us about your very own Patagonia adventure.

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